The heating system in building construction

Imagine a building, as if it were covered with a coat that protects it in summer and winter. The weather inside is nice because you keep it busy and evacuate the heat. It's even better if, in addition, the weather is still sunny and you don't need to heat. More informations : . But it is necessary to prevent the sun from entering it in summer, to avoid overheating. The concept of passive construction is the heat released inside the building (household items, electrical appliances) that comes from outside (sunlight) enough to satisfy heating needs. An inhabited building that does not lose heat does not need heating to remain pleasant to live in. In a construction, the heating system is simply used to compensate for heat loss.

The positive energy house: more information

Building a positive energy house is an important project for the project programmer. It is always necessary to follow a project of this size in order to carry it out according to the rules of the art. Exotic structures require a certain expertise, better than a specialist qualification, which makes it possible to obtain projects that meet standards. For more informations about luxury real estate Cannes, contactez a professionnal. There are several passive house builders, but the main problem is to find the one who has all the skills required for this type of construction.

Maison BEPOS, a revolutionary concept

Health and comfort are the key criteria taken into account by the energy house. The method is international and involves different types of lifestyles and buildings. A positive house produces more energy than it absorbs and the "positive energy construction" or even BEPOS is a revolutionary concept that should impose new building standards in the very near future. The principle of a positive energy house is very simple and intuitive: it is about generating more energy than it consumes for your house and its inhabitants. This favourable energy balance is calculated on a scale and takes into account all consumptions, such as ventilation, heating, various electrical appliances and light. In order to minimize its footprint, the energy-efficient house first of all draws an arrangement: a room layout and skylights ensure sunshine during the day, while a relatively compact structure avoids heat loss points. Energy production is provided by a source such as solar or wind energy, as well as by heating, such as a geothermal heat pump.

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